Thursday, July 22, 2010

Starting to move in....

Oh it is so hard to be proper some days- we started our garden!! I just wanted to jump up and down like an excited 2 year old but there were workmen and  our caretaker Mukesh all around so one must act with proper decorum!!!

I know Praveen gets nervous at these times- he too is excited but more schooled in his behavior and he knows I am so close to bursting!!
So almost naked - yes I took off my bangles and dupatta and put them on the shelf , I got to work.
In India, it tends to be you avoid manual labour if there is someone else to do the job. Mukesh the caretaker was hovering around offering to help, Praveen was there offering Mukesh's help....I just wanted to get my hands we gave Mukesh something else to do....when he had left and workmen stopped looking ...I knew he would and he did...Praveen got in there with me.
Gardening is totally new for him and he was so thrilled last year when we grew our fist Bhindi and our giant sunflowers at the hotel....he will be a keen gardener in time [discretley at first]
 Some nice rain yesterday...and perhaps some more hovering around later today....hopefully.
Will have to involove Mukesh a lot more today- after all that is what he is employed to do- don't want him nervous he will be redundent AND we want to start off well with him working, not teaching him to watch me work and not feel the need to do anything whan we are away...
My kitchen is shaping up nicely- white tiles and under the dust is lovely back stone bench tops- really gorgeous.
Off to work, just telling Sharron of Leafy Sea Dragon Designs [website opening soon] when she could not answer some questions until later in the day   "No problem…we work on Indian time here…we are playing samples at Panalal’s[tailor], chasing sari man[for etsy clients], waiting for Gopal-ji[ the screen printer], shopping for house in Ajmer, gardening, checking hotel things….I am sure we will not lack for things to keep us busy this one day." We [The Stitching Project produces her clothes deigns here in Pushkar] are deep in plottong and planning for her next order for the Summer Festival Season in Australia- fun.

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Bia, from Brazil said...

Seems to me he´s pelased to have dicovered his "green finger"!