Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what did we promise in the ceremonies??

Now it has all settled down I have a translation of the ceremonies....the woman is seen as an embodiemt of the Goddess Laxmi- she who brings prosperity to the house, which is symbolized by the tasks I seemed to be alloted yesterday but encompasses all a woman does...the man's role is to go out into the world and work to support the woman in creating the focus of life- the home.
From observation, no matter how difficult relationships are here the vast majority have the feeling the man should support the woman in the home. Praveen has a first wife [very unusal to have a second as you just don't leave number 1] It has never entered his mind he would not continue to support her and the family, even if they were no longer a married couple. I have always admired that about him. As a mother my ex-husband has always tried to get out of any type of support for myself or the boys [the baby was 3 weeks old when I left with great difficulty]
So anyway- it might been seen as sexist the asigning of roles- it could be looked at as symbolic of the things a functioning home needs and that someone needs to take on these roles and be appreciated for the effort which ever partner it is of the relationship.
The fabulous thing about Hindism is it is so encompassing and flexible, you work towards what is 'right' not on a personal selfish level but looking at a bigger picture, you and your partner and your family/ the people you interact with in the world....
not at all stressed out as I was yesterday- quiet happy with things- we will create the balance in our lives and look after each other and all our extended families/ friends in a good way.
went o get a few palms for hotel number 2 and ended up with heaps of fruit trees for our garden!! less than $20 [ 726 Rp] and we will have a friut forest soon...

Sacred Ashok Leaves strung over all entrances to the house...very special,
It is just undercoat but the rooms are staring to look office and our bedroom- oh wow!!

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Bia, from Brazil said...

It´s nice people don´t fight human archetypes. I wasn´t lucky to find a husband who embodied the provider´s function fully, at least to our daughter. I´ve got rid of him but allowed me not to take a second chance of making a mistake!