Sunday, August 01, 2010

Zac's Exhibition

Zac had his exhibition opeing last night and it went very well by all accounts.
I have receieved a few photos and had reports from kind friends as well as an elated messgae from Zac. Good on him!

That's my boy!

Jane Richens of Tabbil Forrest making an opening speech. Jane is a very talented woman and along with her partner Brian have been great mentors for Zac.
Just noticed the long thin picture at the bottom of the wall behind Jane is an old one of mine that Zac had his eye on for years, I gave it to him when I left Australia and he seems to have put it to good use. I was there in a little way!
Culture schock has been in reverse for Zac, going back to Australia, I know he wants to come back to us but should he stay and find a 'proper job"? a hard decision...we are happy for him to come to us and paint but we are clear he needs to do that and work on marketing- he has started some great Tshirt designs. He does need to support himself, not lounge around. We will see what eventuates...happy he pushed so hard and brought this exhibition togather. The Gresford Gallery co-ordinator and Jane are tough critics and he has got a good response from them...not just a doting Mum I do think he has something to work on....but it is a less than easy life sometimes....remember yesterday and valleys and mountains...time for him to look at which fork in the road to explore.

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