Sunday, September 26, 2010

oh relaxing....

 Been having a great time catching up with friends....and sitting around doing nothing, and sitting in the sun with Dawn catching up on the million and one things we is strange as well...can relaxing be stressful?
I am still keeping up with office work because you can do that on email...but the million and one or 2 other visits and projects that are on hold at home are interesting to me and I miss them....Praveen has been phoning in garden reports on our new garden but it is not the same as poking around myself...I miss that feeling of satisfaction at the end of a busy day "I moved a small mountain today...what satisfaction"

 Here are a few pictures i\of my friend's Jim and Julie's place....their garden is having a glorious spring and we had a good lunch. Julie and Jim have a hobby building and they are in the middle of their most ambitious project a wonderful much new has happened every time I visit. {I did not tell them but I like our way of building where we hired a group of blokes to do the hard labour and we designed!] I do not have their energy
 Dungog Shire where I used to live has roads about as good as Pushkar where I now live....roads destroyed by monsoon in a developing country quality....
one frustrated local, who I am not related to and DO Not know who he is has started some constructive vandalism putting various signs up in the local area....that phone number is the local councils....
another sign reads" Tar patch test site next 20 km", truely there is barely any road it is all pot holes and tar patches, almost shakes your teeth out!

What I love about Dawn is that we make things the moment we are having a feast of making things with my stitched she is deep in working on a jacket out of will be lovely

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