Thursday, September 23, 2010

playing textiles!

I am at my mate's place...this is Dawn [she will probably rouse on me when she sees this pic!] the great thing about hanging out togther is we have so much in common...and we like to play stitchy things together....

yesterday was delicious, yoga in the morning, coffee with some lovely locals and then poking around at Dawn's in the afternoon.
She enjoys looking and feeling all my treasures that I have for sale as much as I do....

don't know how but we ended up pulling a few apart that are cushion covers and making them better, just got to add baubles to the corners now.

Dawn's place is a treasure trove of things to look at and I have to do a lot of checking on what she has been up to since I was here last...she is an avid book maker and book alter-er [not sure that is a word but you get the idea]...we are plotting and planning for her to be my artist-in-residence next year and during the time she is with us we will devote a week to a workshop....making things at our place and trotting off to nearby Jaipur for papermaking....perhaps Jodhpur because their castle is so fantastic and they have a great second hand market....plotting and planning as I say....
Sounds a bit scary when i say MY artist-in-residence...I won't be so proprietorial with others it is just she is my girlie and I am so excited at the thought of her visiting already!

Something we have discovered is a project to get you thinking and working and ever so softly part of a wider group....I am sure they would make interesting viewing when they hit their intended venues

A concept by FIBRE ARTS AUSTRALIA  c.2009

I know how precious a notebook is. You carry it with you everywhere, spending months working on it. It becomes a part of you. When you're finished, instead of placing it in the “bottom drawer”, share your hard work with other Notebook enthusiasts.

How to be a part of the Project
fill in the form… after you email/post your form to me, I will post out your notebook Each artist is sent the same blank Black Cover Notebook.

There are only two rules:
First, the book must be used in some way - no sending back an empty book or a completely different book!
Second, Each book will be given a tag with your name and participant number. This must not be removed from the book.

Be Inspired! “The Artist’s Notebook Project” is meant to act as inspiration for you, not stress. Create something wonderful, try out some new techniques, or just make a mark!
You have until March 2011 to do what you want to do in your book.When you are done, mail it back to me.

Showing off your Notebook.
During 2011 there are 3 main Fibre Arts Australia events…. Ballarat in April and July, Hawkesbury in September. At these events “The Artist’s Notebook Project” will be on display in the Gallery at the school. They will be held by Fibre Arts Australia for 12 months and then returned to you. During those twelve months there is the opportunity for you to ‘borrow’ them for an exhibition in your area. See the participation form for details


There is a $20 fee to participate in this project…. This covers the cost of the book and mailing costs. Payment can be made by cheque or by direct deposit. See the participation form for details.

Mailing your work:
Please mail your work by the end of February 2011.
To the address at the top of the participation form.

Finished date

The finish for this particular project is first week in March 2011. I will still accept your book after the deadline. The deadline is great for people who want/need the date to stay on track.

02 6766 3596


Dawn's will take me a few weeks of poking around to see all she has been doing- hhhhmmmmmm a pleasure.
Do look carefully she has lots of delicious ideas...

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