Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Geelong Fibre Arts.

Some views of different class work- so much good work and a lovely buzzy atmosphere

 Finally got pictures working...seems a new system or I am so brain dead I can't work the old one??

I met some lovely new people at the Forum...this is Juliette of The Craft Circle, 
many good chats and supportive enthusiasm in the long days looking after a stall, she has kids in a local Steiner school so chatting brought back many fond memories of my days as a teacher...and lots of fond memories and the lovely toys i used to make for my boys when they were small.... nostalgia-ville

 Juliette's Boots- delicious or what?....I would have considered stealing her shoes except her feet were too small!

My little stall- thoroughly rummaged....I am so pleased with how successful everything was.....I have a new distributor for my Pukka Components by the way...stay tuned, just sorting out final details- all info will go on our website soon and hopefully they will be stocked in a shop near you soon. Praveen is already ringing some of the ladies we had Pukka Finds from for our next trip to OZ..perhaps the Orange Forum in April....

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