Tuesday, November 09, 2010

and into Gurgurat

Functioning water wheels.... bullock out to lunch so we had to push it by hand...

There the water runs out to the fields

It has been a good year for rain and we have seen more bountiful hravests than in many a year, but you never know when that will happen again so every opportunity is taken to collect extra hay.

Beautiful faces on the bullocks

A small fort to call home

Our host Hanu [orange turbin] and a local guy...

drinks on the terrace

one of the other visitors had this wonderful month land on her shirt...in the light it looked like its wings had sequins on them....
We raided the textile collection of our hosts....pictures of pieces found on this link

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Emily Smigrod said...

Looks like fun ladies! I hope my mum is coming home with a suitcase full of treasures!!

Emily (daughter of the wild one!)