Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Happy travelling days,
my companions are enjoying all my favourite spots, I get a buzz being able to share them...

For the information of friends of a certain lady who is with us- we are no where near the Afganisthan border....but safely on our route as indicated in the itinerary....for all other readers please don't worry over what that means.
We keep a close on said companion as her sense of direction is a little 'exciting' at times.

The wonderful Jain Temples at Ranakpur

Usually a serene place, today it was full of happy holiday makers from Gurgurat and so echoing with voices.....finding a quiet spot at the back was a relief....the light was so lovely flooding through and bouncing off the marble.

Peacock Feather brooms at the temple -how else would you keep 500 year old marble shipshape?

Very civilized bunch of companions, they like to celebrate the setting of the sun each day by inviting a Kingfisher along....

 Shivika Lake, Ranakpur....end of another day in the office- wow!
A sequence of pics of the sunrise are on this link

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