Saturday, November 27, 2010

Business structure???

 I have had a very productive morning talking to myself whilst gardening...planted out potatoes, broad beans, spinach, celery, lettuce and other yummy things...trying to sort out plans and pricing structures for operating our business in a manner that is fair to all.
We are manfacturing items for the craft/hobbiest market [Pukka Components]....and seeking ditributers to work through in various countries.
We also manufacture bespoke ranges for a number of people [The Stitching Project].... and interest in this is growing.
I like to be open in what I do....and expect others to respect the amount of work we have put into developing the contacts and crafts people we have here.
I clearly cost everything, add 20 % for admin type expences and then double the cost for my time and expertise....sound resonable??
For small orders I am going to charge a premium of 20% as my running around costs are still the same even if there is not so many items....
I find this all really hard to get my head around.
I also know I will be running myself ragged if I do not have a clear cut formula and look to make a profit for us.
I suppose that is it; the word PROFIT seems some how distasteful to me....some how it was not in my upbringing to handle money comfortably...or you expected to work for others rather than self-responsible and self-employed.
Here in India every one is happy to talk money but the way I was brought up it was not mentioned.
I have had a disappointing experience just recently with an Australian business who seem to talk the same talk as me but when it came down to it they were quiet rip off mercahants....I do worry as I don't want to be like that...

 Ohh sometimes you can seem to go in circles when there is only you and the chipmunks to talk to....
 Whilst they were having a wonderful time eating the sunflower seeds I have had enough time [and talking to you has confirmed it for me]
I am clear in what I am doing, I am open with clients , I don't change my policies if I see I could squeeze more out of someone and I don't take advantage of those who are vulnerable....
I do offer a good product for a fair amount.
 that is my plan and I am sticking to it!!
those are our policies and I think they are a good model to work by....
I feel onto more textile business lovel;y to be home
Have a good day
almost sent this, this morning but after hours of only half power....the electricity finally failed completly....oh now I hope you did have a good day, I had a lovely time following up things, a nice lunch with a friend and hope again to check out my garden some more- yeh! :)

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