Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 Everything is topsy-turvey at home, I had everything neatly put away when I left, but don't remeber where anything is....so thought it easiest to turn everything out and start from scratch putting things away.
I have actually found lots of things I had forgotten about, such as this cheerful bunting, some of which is now on etsy
 Otherwise it is general mayhem, but the studio is nearly sorted, just need some table tops, shelves are full, things to be hung on the wall yet, but getting there.
I am slowly wading through a mountain of office work....intermitant power cuts really hinder things...as i have to stop, then get distracted and forget some things.....will get it all done eventually.

also found some block print to be used for a sheet set and would you believe I had an email that very evening enquiring about the hand block-print sheet sets I mention on the Our Pukka Place website.
Synchronicity or what!!, I take that as the Universe's or any God you care to mention's way of saying run with this idea!!
I am off.

 Out of this mess is emerging projects I have had sitting around for ages- boy do I hate UFO's of the earthly kind, that is. ETs I admire...anyway....i now have a box with things to be seen to fruition sitting in plain view so I don't forget!!
Close your eyes and think of a pet's food bowl....
now you can open them and look at Baba's bowl, on a hot day it will double as a swimming pool!
Can you see him in the background and the interest he has in its where abouts....
 and how politely he chows down....
I am just trying to upload a video on Facebook of Baba complaining about being trimmed...he is such a placid fellow but when having medicine poored down his throat or getting a trim is is pitiful!

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