Monday, November 22, 2010

domestic day, when something extraudinary happened

 Pushkar Camel Fair had reached its crecendo yesterday, the music and annoucements were far too loud here at home, and we live 2 kilometres decided to stay home and potter
 Started converting some of my jars of preserved lemons to Lemon Pickle...two and a half kilos now done only 17 and a half to go! First throw garlic , ginger, chillis and lemon grass into mustard oil and the vibrancy of the image and the aroma
 Then toast all the spices and throw into the pot....
 Fun when you have an assistant to stir things up...
 Wish we had smell-o-rama, this is stunning
 When you add the lemons the smell is even better....
pottering continued sorting out my garden and starting new vegie plantings, had a napin the afternoon then started cooking as we had invited guests to dinner....a good thing about living here is we often have interesting people at the hotel, everyone is living at a relaxed pace and so they have time to come for dinner if I am in the cooking mood and invite them....
 When something extraudinary happened - a camel arrived!!!
Yes a camel....I am still stunned
Praveen and I have had a joke going for years now....I want a camel, will he buy my one?.....first he used to say "Yes dear, when we live in India"...then when I finally arrived, he said "Yes dear, when I find camel parking".....I was away at work on tour when I rang him one evening and he was in the centre of the Camel Fair, that did make me suspicious as he hates the dust and crowds of the Fair....then the last few days he kept telling me there was a camel.
Well there is!!
and he is now sitting in my courtyard.
His name is Baba and I have to admit I think it was love at first site....he is so cuddley [stinky as well but Praveen said he would wash him today]

He is huge! and seems very sweet mannered, likes having his neck rubbed bit ticklish under the ear...

 Then back to dinner, our guests must think we are a bit crazy!!
Could well be right....
I did not imagine this as I can hear his bells ringing, almost daylight -I will go and say good morning soon.
I have a camel- can you believe it?


Jacky said...

I love your camel...and that beautiful fabrics etc. he/she wears. How exciting to have your own camel!

Mmmm I can almost smell the spices in your cooking. Those photos were making my mouth water! I do love a good curry.

Enjoy your guests.

Jacky xox

Vireya said...

Oh my!!! A camel!

Paula said...

Well as they say "be careful what you wish for....." I love it - how funny! A much more interesting pet than your usual cat or dog.