Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pushkar Camel Fair

 Early morning light over the market garden, mornings are cool and misty now...light is lovely

 Balloons over the Camel Fair- wouldn't that be wonderful....need to save up and have a go next year.
 Our chickens, very spoilt and the ladies have forgotten about laying eggs.
 The Camel Fair is spectacular....full of opportunities for people watching, not many photos on my part as I don't like invading people's space to take them...I don't ike to be photographed by strangers, why would anyone else?
Did some anonymous snaps with the camera just swinging around my neck though....

 This guy makes the most wonderful bells and scissors....grabbed a few...not often do you find these crafts people am looking for an opportunity to selll some of his work so he can keep making it....
A friend just sent me this link- what is the world coming to???????
a new bill proposed in the Staes will outlaw growing vegies in your own backyard...apparently something similar is happening in Europe and Alternative Medicine is being bashed as well.
Speak up, stop people controlling our food supplies and the right to use traditional remedies and grow tradition food.
crazy, crazy, crazy I am shocked things like this are marching on....they should have been laughed out of the water ages ago.
IT IS SERIOUS  THOUGH.  find a petition, exercise your right to choose, and to grow your own food.
the more I think about it the more shocked I am....under that law our vegie patch and saving seeds form it, just like my Grandfather tuaght me to do would become illegal.

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