Thursday, November 11, 2010

a Fort to call home

Hanging out at our fort in Gurgurat....all the kiddies are in the back

Our neighbours from the fort, well half the family, off exploring the countryside 

 see the spots on the oxen? Diwali has been a good season with rain so another crop can be planted this year...very good after drought

 watching the cows come home  [few more pics on this link]

 hanging out on the river banks with our host Hanu
Our gentleman has been shopping up a storm, he was looking for some extra work to pay off the credit card, I think.....really heavy and he might not make it up the river bank!
I wonder if it is getting desperate? More pics of shopping on this link

 Would you belive it...looking for kingfishers again, under a banana moon
 and another delectable meal...
 the dining room....
dinner here is always superb

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