Thursday, November 11, 2010

 It is a blessing to have enjoyable traveeling companions....such fun hanging out.
Praveen and I put lots of thought into most everything we include in our trips and to spend time with people who spot what you are up to, and appreciate where you are at is very satisfying. Thank you Universe and thank you companions.

One of our ladies keeps quoting "I once had a farm in Africa...." I keep correcting her "No, I now have a farm in India..." and then she swoops " Yes! and the opening line for a book".....and interesting idea...I have always thought it might be an interesting undertaking if an opening came along....apparently she knows someone who knows someone to do with something might come of can stay home and write as well....but would need to wander a suitable amount for reaserch... hmmmm...I feel if you put a dream out there and something comes back you should follow the opportunity.
The Universe will support you, if you are listening carefully and take the chances....enough musing for this morning

 Patan double ikat patola weaving...more about that here
 Flying around Ahmedabad via tuk tuk....the quitest ones are always a bit wild at heart!

 our ladies alight
 The Art Bookshop- book lovers paradise

showing off shopping treasures after the Sparkle Market

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PJ said...

Wish I could join you ladies.I love to travel and as u said its always nice to be in a group of like minded people :)