Friday, November 19, 2010

Going home today....

So excited- finally going to have time to be home for a while....been happy wanderings for last few months but no place like home.
First though was a big day shopping and ordering for various projects.
Sparkle Market in Old Delhi- heavenly

 Catching up with Mrs Khatun to make an order for my next Pukka Finds outing at Orange Forum in Australia....she has been having a good week. President Obama and his wife visited her stall and he bought 2 dupattas [large scarves] and 2 bed covers....I now shop at the same place as Presidents....obviously he and his wife have good taste.
I like this piece but bit sure if it is too bright- orange with a lovely range of watery blues for the stitching- what doo you think?
running now to catch my 6.00am train!

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