Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last day....

Last day together....always brings out mixed feelings....the small nostagia for the pleasure of wandering together, the step out of normal rountines, the chance to discover new things and then the anticiapation of home and the familiar; hopefully with more appreciation of the magic of the world and which ever patch you are on at the moment.
 I have really enjoyed my adventures but truthfully, am bursting to get home to Praveen and our new home....we have been in residence nearly 3 months. I have been home nearly 3 weeks of that is so beautiful [so is he :)] I look forward to enjoying it with him.
 Misty morning start at Lodi Gardens, these mausoleums were built mid 1400's and are a peaceful contrast to Delhi's hustle and bustle; so atmospheric in the morning mists.
What is even more amazing for me is the archituecture- I can see a direct link to that of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain....[we visit that on my Morroco Tour- I am just in the middle of revising it to follow my original vision of Moorish Delights of Andulausia and Morocco- stay tuned]
In the Early 1400's the Muslin world stretched from Granada in Spain all the way across to was a world of learning and scholarship with a free flow of scholars and knowledge not dependent on skin colour or nationality just your level of education....Architectual gems like this and in Sapin remain today to remind us of the past...

Love the colour and texture of the stones

 You might just be able to make out someone sitting in the middel of the picture, there was a group of about 15 youths practicing rap dance moves over there- having a  fabulous time....sort of surreal in a nice way...ancient monument, back drop to very modern young dancers- felt good.
I gentleman I bought some lovely hand loom, tie dyes and mirror worked shawls from for Pukka Finds....I like them a lot but really must remind myself I don't need another shawl.
We visited Dilli Haat a great place to deal directly with artisans and see fine quality work.

At this time they are also running a campaign by The Ministry for Women and Children to spread information of projects being run and assistance available both government and NGO for women, many NGO's had products for sale made by women as part of income generation and empowerment schemes.

 A daughter will be happy to see this shopping- one Mum with treasures to bring home.
A group od musicians were palying up a storm...these horns were magical and erie.

Final dinner together to celebrate a great time.

Bobby our mustachioed driver, very quietly spoken, impressed all with his skill on the roads, and Vijay my enthusistic assistant.

Something I forgot to show you [and an instigater of some of the funny language of the last few days "one must maintain appearances....] Madame has aquaired a very beautiful Murgal style ring, enamelled gold with diamonds- equisite.

and then there is the necessity of much hand waving during converstaions to show it off....she had us in stitches as usual.
A great group of people to hang out with, happy travels

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