Friday, November 05, 2010

now this is officially our group's tour blog for a week or 2

Left Jaipur and headed for home- Pushkar via the Barefoot College- a wonderful initiative to get education to the widest possible audience

My group have realised I am fairly regular with writing on my blog so wondered if they could send a link to friends and family back follow their journey- what power I now wield to expose all of our exploits!....some working hard in cooking class,

some leaning on the bench watching!!  

Well truthfully they have just been cooking up this wonderful feast, wwhich we then shared


Such an enjoyable evening
Getting ready for Diwali, a time to spread light through your home and the world. These little lamps will be all over our new happy home tonight.

Praveen has been very busy while I was away, our back yard is now full of vegie seedlings all looking good.
For a city boy, rather nervous of being so far out he is turning out to be remarkably happy with rural life. I am so pleased, I love it here.

 Yesterday was my birthday- which was very lucky as it just happened to be the day we have Camel Safari and Gypsy Dancers to the hotel for our group, a big treat!

Some of the group did us proud out on the dance lawn

The fire eater was remarkable and scary at the same time....a wonderful day.

I had a lovely party- organized by Praveen, many new and old friends to share it blessed, many good wishes from a far
and I received this email from an ex-student dear teacher, mentor, mother goose, elder, companion, friend. I wish you the very best birthday and I express the warmest feelings of respect, friendship and camarderie. for all those ..... days, I say thnkyou. Happy Birthday.
hard to describe how happy it has made me feel. I was a Steiner School teacher, you are with the same group of stdents for 7 years, as you might imagine it can sometimes be very hard work but it brings such pleasure and a close association....they are now young adults, off at University and making their way in the world...I hear how various ones are going, have had some to visit me here, I am so proud of the bunch of them.
The hardest thing of the whole time was to come to the point where you have step back and hand them on to their next teacher [ I know a lesson in there for me] is so wonderful to hear from them from time to time...I don't miss the hard work of teaching but I do very much appreciate the warmth of their presence....bit of a grandma feeling I suppose.
Fabulous day

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