Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Jaipur and off to Pushkar today

Jaipur, early morning view from the roof of our hotel to the one next door....look closely

and there it is- a seat with a view?

Early morning visitor for tea

Shankar at work in the Indigo Vats

blocks, blocks and more blocks

My friend Hemant of Sakshi in Sanganer showing us something his company printed for a designer showing at the India Fashion Week [can't mention designers name as I don't have permission but he was one of the big boys- good work Hemant!]

The back detailing was gorgeous

Our mud resist printed cotton awaiting transformation

 Indigo is really green- it only goes blue when you bring it into contact with air
 cloth laying out to dry
 I love the feeling of wandering through the cloth hanging on the 5 metre tall washing lines

 visitinng the Sakshi Shop, I can'y help but admire all the lovely block prints
 and rizani quilts- soft cotton wadding and blockprint covers- like sleeping under the clouds

 Ceramic animals all lined up ready to charge
 mosaic glass lamps....hmmmm we need to do a bit of house decorating....
Divali lights in Jaipur


Arlenesfelt said...

What a rich and colorful life you live!

Hagar said...

Oh my God I would have liked to be with you!!!