Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pushkar, The Pukka Studio...

Fresh from is new apple season here, 
it is the middle of the night- Diwali Night to be precise and so fireworks are going off every where, lights are all on to encourage the Goddess Laxmi , Goddess of Prosperity to visit and I can't find sleep....oh well, it seems like it is starting to quieten  so perhaps soon....the dogs are starting to howl now....India is always full of surprises.
The Pukka Studio is now officially open, and these guys have done initaited it with a good vibe, we had a lovely morning with an introduction to felt workshop.
Praveen and I are so proud, the enormous kitchen we planned for classes is great to work in and it feels so nice to have it full of people.

Our tour gentleman has made one or two quips about his bevy of wives, when I came out to see him ensconced like this, I am starting to get worried, what will he be like when we stay in the Zennana or Hareem of a 15 Century Fort in a few days time?

 A visit to Shakti Project in the afternoon to share Diwali Blessings Ceremony, riotous fun as usual....more pics to be found on this link

 Then home to our Happy Home to get ready ourselves, many small Diya or lamps to be filled with oil and placed around the house, on top all the walls and perimeters of our property....they look so special

 Mukesh passing by with a tray full...small lamps on roof top, sparkly lights in our Neem Tree
 Of course we then need to let off fireworks
Happy Diwali, may you be blessed with peace and prosperity

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fabriquefantastique said...

Lovely sense of time and place (I may have said this before)