Saturday, November 13, 2010


 Udaipur, we are staying at an Old Havali style hotel right in the middle of town, central and quiet and good service - great combination.
 The famed Lake Picola out the window, Lake Palace to the left....stillhave not spotted James Bond, though.
 City Palace was interesting....full beyond imagine of domestic tourists...a happy bunch as interested in people watching [namely us!] as we were [nameley them]

 The mirror work murals in the the Mirroe Courtyard- must be superb by candle light
 Love the colour combination of the doors, mirrored walls pretty good as well....
 Introduced my companions to my favourite sparkle shop, and I had a lazy afternoon whilst my companions practiced their shop until you drop skills, India seems to have that effect on people.

charming companion but she was just lighting up the mural for us....great inspiration for quilting we thought.

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