Thursday, December 23, 2010

masterchef and australian-ness

We don't get a lot of Australian content on the TV here in India, but at the moment we are on real high. Masterchef Australia is screening, OK it is series 2 and in Oz they are onto recording series 3 but I am content.
Great food and lots of creativity, which is always wonderful, and most importantly Australians being truely really warms my heart to ses the commaradery, the positive attitudes of contestants and judges to each other, the mutal support. This is what I grew up thinking being Australian entailed.
I have been so distressed in recent years to see a real red-neck perocial attitude develop in our country, one where support of friends and neighbours was getting a bit thin, let alone a helping hand to those in need or those new to our lands.
Australian media behaviour and a number of athletes at the recent Commonwealth Games really made me disappointed to call myself Australian [althletes I know that was not all of you and some of your team leaders were outstanding- but a few of you need your head read!]
Great to see Ozzie setting a good example of mateship whilst competing for a huge prize, we all get to share the prize with that attitude.
 At our place we have had some new visitors....a family of mongoose gambolling in the back paddock- seems to be Mum and 2 or 3 nearly mature kittens.....rather cute although I can hear the house chipmanks not being impressed with their presence.

Spooted Mukesh and Baba in town, off to work taking a camel safari. So lovely to look up and see my camel passing by.

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