Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moon rise

I do sometimes feel like I live on another planet, was gobsmacked at the moon rise....spent ages watching it as the power had not decided to come on yet....
really amazing and bright, it was only later I discovered there was to be an elcipse....totally missed that!
Out to lunch or what?

 The moonlight was intense even from within my darkened house....

 and out the other side the sunset was as the alightnment of our house, the winter moons spread directly along our Studio summer we get an early morning wash of light but then shade comes over and it is decent the rest of the day....
 At Panalal's [the guy who does machine stitching for us] there is a new calf, he is so soft and friendly and gorgeous, but totally naughty as well.
He spends the night with his Mum and the days with us so his Mum can be milked in the he expects everyone in the workshop is there to prance around the yard and play with him, everyone is available for a cuddle when he needs one and all the work we have spread out on mats on the floor is there for him to sit on....if he is sucky it is OK to have a go at anything around as well!!
Look at hime saying "Who me? making all tha mischeif?"

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