Saturday, January 08, 2011

Creative Arts Safaris and all that...

Tourism has been running slow the world over the past few years....and it has been the same for us at Creative Arts Safaris.
I am at the point now I should be closing off the Vietnam Tour...but I know people wait until the last minute and contact you...where are those 2 lucky people...we are waiting for you!
Textile Tastes of Vietnam's North has a wonderful mixture of hands on textile experiences, beautiful scenery and yummy food, friendly much fun actually....a few more days and I must decide.

 Creative Arts Safaris is our business; so from a purly practical side I want it to succeed but more importantly for me is a lot of fun; I really enjoy being able to hang out with like minded people, share some of my many little discoveries and the fruits of our extensive research....perhaps it is a bit puffed up of me but boy! does it give me a buzz when a client compliments us on our research....we do go all out in checking places out and looking for treasure.
 Sumptous Syrian Textiles on the other hands seems like it is going to rock!! I have just had a flurry of sign ups- yipee! and know a few more at least are seriously looking. Wonderful, met so many amazing people there, and the craft's are still going well but need interest to bring on the next generation....
Restored Souk in Aleppo just across from the Fort.....intriging souks in Aleppo a real rabbit warren...I can find my way around but still a bit like to feel my way along don't have a real clear map in my head yet!
And Rajasthan for this year is filling up nicely....seems like 2011 has brought in a different mood. I hope so...2010 was too busy and too hard on us, hoping for a different pace this year.
Hotel 1 closed will help a lot, other plans also looking good.....I am so hopeful!


Anonymous said...


you rock!

Not 2 but 20 people will sign for the trip to Vietnam.

I wish you the best of luck, sure it´s coming your way because luck is fond of those who work hard.

Anonymous said...

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