Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Govindgarh again

 Sunsets are rather wonderful at this time of year....love to sit on the steps to the garden courtyard as the sun goes down for a few minutes peace and quiet....and waiting for electricity to come on as it is out until around 6.00pm.
 Went back to Govindgarh, Louise a mate from NZ was with me when I picked up my jooti last week and she was enchanted so ordered herself a pair....when we went back to collect them they were not quiet ready so we had time to explore the old Fort some more....more pics here
 the more I look, the more I can see it was once a very elegant structure, it may have been primarily for defence to start but there was a later palace added....one day I hope to come across someone who can tell me more of the story....unitl them I am happy to look and try and work out what was where and create my own imagination about it its history.

 Lousie was really beaming at the jooti wallahs...
 our guy was a blur of activity, so deft in his movements, a real pleasure to watch

 I really enjoyed her huge smile....
and look at her sparkle toes.....next step is to see if he can make some from a foot map, then to see how it comes out when I give him my pattern...lots of plans

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