Friday, January 21, 2011

life is a blurrrrrrr....

 We were invited to a huge wedding the other night- it was freezing so no way I was wearing Indian finery I had a cardigan, padded jacket and shawl over the top and still shivered, yet many ladies had 1 cardigan on with their sari...I could only wonder at what type of thermal underwear they must have access to!!
Food was amazing, 5 different types of breads all being made to order, a million dishes, and sweets and lovely hot almond milk, flavouted with saffrom and cardomon for afters....very ggod food!
 A few moments of Baba appreciation- I have loaded a video on Facebook. Baba always like it if we do Baba appreciation with radish in hand...he appreciates himself more with food in his face!He is basically oblvious to the outside-of-camel world unless food is on offer, just cruises in his private fantasies....I think
 Can you spot the TreeCreepers in the tree- fascinating little fellows, they literally creep up the tree, no problem upside down or rightside up. Fabolous red topknot and acid yellow wings, very dressy birds.Indian what can you expect!
I was sitting on the vegetable garden steps the other day when a big fat mongoose came cruising by....just walking along looking around- saw me a walked away....but I am sure if I was not on the steps she would have come inside for a peak....and I really don't want to accidently cage one in....big teeth! Also when our hens hatch chickens we are going to have to watch carefully when they are out of their monggose proof house!
 Etsy packing, packing, packing...and a big yippee about that! It was hard to find decent envelopes at first and then I came across these- what could be more perfect- all fabric lined.

 I have a lot of things I had to get really anal about sorting, keeping an inventory, a numbering system etc. I had a friend visiting last week and she helped me do a stocktake of all the sari sections I have....all sorted and I was feeling rather smug, I am on top of it [for the moment, at least!] when first order after I found one glitch!! can you believe it....only one as I have double checked but first order they wanted something which had gone! Does not happen often and with stock take should not have happened then... little message from the Universe? Things will always crop up, just do the  best you can....and sort out the rest.
 Cooking class last night with 3 young ladies from France, very good evening and here is Mathilde from France meeting our Matilda the cow from Chawandia Village....oooh just remebered, must email their recipes along to them!
 Been further unpacking, and arranging things, came acoss this old silk sign Praveen and I used to use to pick up tourists from the airport...had to display it on the lounge in our room [note cropped pic, pile of stuff next to it that still needs a fianl resting place]
 Another little pile of goodies to be posted....lovely seeing the ladies work coming in and Friday again today so more on the bossiness with thae ladies seems to be paying off.I am only seeing people on Friday, will inspect, collect and pay and I have been firm about others wandering in at other times, I am too busy and it was hard to keep track if I did not have my stock book or cash to pay.
 Further anal behaviour- a collection of the cottons Ihave to use for the stitching project-just working on a few coats and vests from our collection of squares, thinking of using the bauble/buttons as detail for the collars....hmm will look good....Thinking of Textile Fibre Forum at Orange in April.....;and internet.
So pleased with our Vegie garden it is starting to really take off, need to start spring plantings as the weather is changing fast here. Dust is starting to rise as things dry out [will eventually be dust storms around May] .We are lucky to have a good well as we will be able to look after our garden....
 Ohh I am just moving these, my little pile of blockprint I have put away for me....wishing I had time to do something with day!! quilts are calling....
 Some days I wish I could be loke Minku the tortoise,  he sleeps under a bush, once a day I put him in the sun to warm up, he eats and then finds himself a place to sleep again....
but most of the time I am happy to be like my first nasturian- kind of our there! but safe in my home as well....
Biggest excitment of the week was getting our first mail to the house, many, mny visits to post office and talking to everyone....these at least got delivered to the neighbourhood and someone the next little village over brought them to us.....basically we are sending out the message to the postman, if he can work out wher we live and make sure our mail always comes to us [not gets left randomly somewhere here abouts] we will pay an excellent Diwali and Holi bonus [yes a type of bribe to help focus his mind!!]

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