Saturday, January 22, 2011

tweaking, tweaking, tweaking!!

Isn't this a harvest to be proud of? My sort of grand daughter [Dawn's grand dauhter Belle really, but I get the occasional Granny-ji as well] is 2 and half and mad keen on gardening....this is what has come out of her garden just recently, all put in the basket and taken to Nana Dawn because Nana Dawn will help turn it into pasta sauce! There will be somne in the freezer for me to sample when I arrive in April....ohh and lots of warm cuddles.
 It was merely going to ake me 5 mins to add a few pictures to the Pukka Studio page Books 'n' Blocks
 when of course I spot a whole heap of other things that also need tweaking on the Studio pages....I think, NO I hope I am nearly there any rate I am going to run away and do other things for a while my head is spinning.....
 When you take a few minutes to plan, tool kits do not need to be large....this small pile of tools willl fascilitate hours of enjoyment and productive activity...

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