Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Season

 It is wedding seaon, and the most auspicious days are this week...I have been to a few and avoided many, one of my friends had 4 he HAD to go to the other night and a few others he could have if he had the time....This is a procession passing the front of my place 
 Can you see Baba? he was most perplexed bt the whole thing....if you could only hear it, this was all accompanied by the loudest racket!

 My friend Mary is back in town, so I have used that as an excuse to just hang out for a day or two, sitting up taking in the view at the temple on Chandra Ghat where she does yoga, meeting some of the people she knows in town, a very welcome change from all the rush, rush, rush I seem to be experiencing all the time. Mary comes to Pushkar regularly and we are planning to offer yoga classes at Our Pukka Place when she is here next time, she runs retreats in India and Australia.  Would you believe she used to live just down the road from me in OZ and I meet her in Pushkar!

 WE went to visit a friend of hers Om-ji, he is a painter and musician and is usually to be found in his peaceful garden working....well at the moment it is a hive of activity being the base to cook food for a wedding expecting 10,000 guests! Above one of many bowls of halva, and boy! did it smell yum.
 Ladies chopping 400 kg of potatoes for the meal, below a mountain of lovely almond sweets being made, that is silver leaf being spread on top for decoration
 Some days living in India can drive you to distraction....since we bought our place we have being trying to get the electricity into our name...still working on it, then we could get the phone in our name, and then change the address on our bank accounts....the owners of the hotel we used to run still steal our mail, so many things like bank statements disappear....so difficult to organize yourself when half your mail goes atray!
and because of how things are organized here, we can not easily change the address, blah, blah, blah...some things are so difficult!

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