Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dust is settling....

After a near melt down the other day trying to get all the people who stitch for us in variuos ways up to speed, it starts to seem again that things are happening.
I have always worked for myself, done everything myself and I am probably Type A personality, bull at a gate type person.....so onto things very fast and directly....here in India one does not say "no I can't do that" or "no I don't know how to do that" or "but wait a minute I have a problem...." one infers things are happening or going to happen.....I read this through my appraoch to the world,  in the same way I tackle things as "Yes it is happening now" and get so confused and frustrated sometimes in trying to decipher what others' communications really mean.
Praveen and I were just talking about this last night.....and I must admit he used to have a fairly similar approach as the Stitchers to things but over the years we have grown on each other and we are working with foreign customers who have non-Indian expectations of time lines...and he was basically saying the same thing as me- "boy it would just be easier if we were given a clear indication of what they are planning so we can work with that"....before he used to be much more "I hope it will happen"
Interesting....we all have our own unique appraoch to doing things and do tend to wear glasses that make us presume others connect with the world in the same way.
 Here are a dozen eggs....wrapped into a bundle and tied with string- carrying them home is always one of those "I hope" situations- I have a cardboard egg carton I got somewhere else I took to the shop with me the other day and the guy was amazed- wow a box to put the eggs in....what about the bundle and 2 miles of string?
 and a bit of theraputic cooking to help unwind.....rather a yummy Potato Roast.....first roasting the spices and some dal to bring out the flavour, then bung them in the grinder, everything else is easy. Potatoes are the ultimate comfort food for me...in Praveen's mind or is it stomach and tastebuds? it is chapatti...different things to make a meal complete....we swap around and I am getting used to chapatti but some days you just need potato!
Chettinand Potato Roast
thanks again to Seduce your Tastebuds for such inspiartion
-Marsala powder
1t urad dal [I would use red lentils if I did not have urad dal]
1 t black pepper
1/2 t cumin seeds
2 whole red chilli [or 1 t red chill powder after roasting]

  • dry fry in a heavy based fry pan until starting to colour and smell yummy
  • grind and set aside
in the pot
little oil
1 t mustard seeds
1 t cumin seeds
few curry leaves
  • sizzle up until popping sounds from the seeds and nice smell
1 onion fine dice
  • saute until a little golden
2 potatoes,  peeled,  cubed,boiled, drained
  • throw them in the pot and sizzle until golden
  • add 1 t of marsala powder
  • I would change the recipe here and put potatoes, chopped onion and marsala powder in a tray with a little oil bake them in the oven.....less charcol onions that way
  • serve with a sqeeze of lemon jouce and some fresh corriander if you have it.

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