Friday, February 04, 2011

work, work, wonderful work...

 Mother hen has been working hard and now has 6 or 7 little chickies, proud father Johnny is keeping an eye on them....our little farm is becoming more farmy by the day.
We are all feeling a little nervous for the chicks as mother Mongoose is hanging around very close as well and thinks they would make a good dinner for her.
 Look how clever is Matilda the cow, she can clean her nose with her own tongue and she loves to use it to lick you if you get close enough- she is very cuddly but the licking is excrusiating, because her tongue is like a rasp!
 I found a guy with a forge out Barmer way, he makes to sweetest sounding bells and these fabulous scissors, which are actually very sharp and good to use- should I bring a set or 2 to Oz when I do my textile trading? Would people like them?

 Just bragging, our garden is proving very productive- great to be able toharvest vegies and salad but flowers always seem the most satisfying- probably because they represent beauty rather than function.

 Had a lady visiting who will perhaps have us make some clothes for her to sell in her shop....spent a lovely day looking at things we already have for ideas and talking possibilities of what we could make for you can see from the pics nearly everything was pulled out and strewn across the house....bit of a bomb sie and mind overload but we are up to round 2 today, having slept on it all and will plan where we go for here, what samples we can run by her....what I can keep my eye out to show her next time she is here.
She is totally in love with khadi cloth and the ideals behind its production, likes the re-cycled silk sari and has a bright and white approach to her designs....all exciting to me as that is where my heart leans as well.

OOdles of fabric and ideas where flying yesterday,
may your day be filled with such a creative buzz today- mine will be :)

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