Monday, February 14, 2011

I love my home

I raced up to Delhi to see a lady about stitching....could not find her anywhere and her mobile was switched off....I had meant to phone before I left home to double check but what with this, that and the other did not get around to it.....Listen to myself next time.....still not to waste the opportunity I followed up some leads I had and found the dye market....look! I now have a source of the silk dyes I use right  here in India and so much cheaper than getting them from OZ....yippee!

Otherwise it was a very big day running here and there across the markets of Old Delhi picking up various things, looking for other things that I could not find....I need wadding for an order of a silk jacket- I know you can get it in Delhi but which market????
Seems like the one further out, by the time I had eleiminated the others I had a back pack so heavy I could hardly lift it ,a shoulder in spasm and the metro was so full I though I would be pushed out the other wall !
So I hate to admit it -I gave up....there will always be next time. Slowly, slowly I am plotting the markets of Delhi in my mind so I know where thinsg are....this could easily be a lifetime endevour as Delhi is huge!!
Traffic was light ....only a few million people out on the raods...more pics are on facebook. I find the roads facinating here.
I love driving in would never appreciate it unless you did yourself. From the passenger's seat all seems chaotic at first but in time you start to see the rhythm of it all ; it is not until you actually drive do you experience the miracle of it all.
You only worry about what is in front of you, not what is are in font of them and their job is to worry about you....always keep inching forward, never stop and no reversing!!

I was only gone 2 days in total but I felt homesick- what is happening to me? I have really have had a chance to live in my new home I don't want to leave it.....not to be sitting on the garden steps as the sun went down was horrible.....not to be able to get up and look out across the back paddock was lonley.....I am becoming a home body...I used to so burst to gooff on a little jaunt like yesterday....but thuough interesting it lacked the excitment of being home.....what a new development for me?

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