Friday, February 11, 2011

Ohhhh India!

 Home is lovely, playing with our cow Matilda- she is just a big baby, can't get enough cuddles and scratches...she loves us and wants to lick all the time, but it hurts, her tongue is like a rasp. I think she might also need a mineral salt lick. Just getting brave enough to visitthe agricultural shop- they will be gob sacked a white women is in there and so unable to process our request....I know it is going to take Praveen and I several attempts!!

 A big excitemnet, a new order from a new stockist...I had most things ready but of course the 'beena goaner do it list' is active so there was just a few things to assemble.
No problem you would think but we got a dose of India and had to work through it in a foriegn way- WE WILL GET THIS ORDER OUT ON TIME!!!
first electricity went as order came in, so could not read it until much later in the day [ooohh sun light is just coming now- so it could go again at any momnet!!]
GONE!!! will finish later
tomorrow now, wondering how long I have today before power disaapears....

trying to load organza on etsy as well as chat.....
poking around yesterday I forund this image to remind me of the murals of the Lady and the Unicorn in Paris- such a lovely set of medieval tapestreis....wish I could go visit them soon- I am dreaming of a holiday....instead rushing off to Delhi today for a whirlwind of picking upsupplies tomorrow!!
and see this small image, it was a kind thought from a lady who has bought many bits and pieces off us on etsy....I do so enjoy hearing what people do with 'stuff'...these days I only get to send it on, it seems, not play....this makes up for that....a big hello to so many people who send me little notes, I do appreciate it!

ohh got this far and still have power- yes i am sending now while I can

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