Thursday, March 17, 2011


 Lettuce from our garden, lettuce we are selling for 50 times what we got for our cartloads of radishes we sold a few months back. We were having lunch at a pizzaplace where we are mates with the owner....always liked his place because we could get salad there....anyway conversation got around to our new home and garden, and then what we were growing......he pointed out the price restaurants pay for simple salad leaves here and before we knew it was on the phone telling his mates and has us a long list of customers for next year's tourist season. Rather exciting, Praveen and I love gardening, we have Mukesh to help us and can simply change what we plant....
 Our home garden really taking off
 Borage flowers
 and fruition of another kind, this weeks deliveries so far.....a long time in coming through but now some of our ideas are happening!! a very big yeh and so many more things to try out.

Strange 2 layers of silk joined by simple running stitch won me an award 8 years ago, that got me an around the world ticket and started me off teaching internationally, that was inspired by my first visit to India, a place I knew would be my home from the moment the plane hit the ground [ and yes I did think it was a crazy thought!]
now 2 layers of cloth joined with running stitch is letting me stay in my home in India....working here is a great thing to be doing and some weeks so satisfying!
ohh an look at the work above, this lady is amazing, so far from the first squares she made for us 18months ago.... can you see the beauty of the corner in this? it will soon be a cropped jacket.....

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