Saturday, March 19, 2011

ohh yesterday!

Thank goodness it is finished, it just seemed to go on and many things to do all at once.
Friday so the day for ladies to visit the house, I was madly rushing to finish assembling pieces for ladies to stitch, electricity could not make up it's mind if it was off or on so things slowed down in my end of the job, at the same time I was supposed to be in the new village dropping off stuff and at the tailors trying to get them to finish work for me!!
Praveen is in Delhi with his kids for Holi, and forgot to tell me I also had to meet a man to finalize some hotel bookings we are doing for a lady visiting us, then going to see some of Rajasthan and the lettuce guy wanted a delivery!!!
All at once, all before midday...then there was posting, in the PM I finally got to the village -the road is horrible 30 minutes to drive 10 km, no joke. they are remaking the road and at the entrance to the village it was blocked because of this and i though i would not be able to get to my ladies.
NO bloody way!! after the day I had had was I giving up, so I took a risk on a track, drove around and around almost wedged the car in between a building and a wall and had to reverse for miles, almost ready to cry and miraculously I found the house I was looking for and a very nice cup of tea.
Stitching was wonderful, pictures later.....then leaving the road builders have advanced further down the road and I could not get out of the village!!!
Further driving aorund, and around....most people there don't speak Hindi but the lacal dialect of Mewari, can't get over seeing a foreigner let alone a white woman driving a car so trying to get directions was a bit of a stuggle....finally came across some of my ladies who prompty jumped in my car and showed me a way across fields and a very sandy road to get out.....
arrived home at sunset to find no water...Mukesh had left the tap running when we were getting lettuce ready for delivery [much to the joy of the pawpaw tree] and no electricity to pump up.....
Next morning now, water here now...nice email from mate and some pictures of her books and I am sure today will be better.
Going to Govindgarh today to see what Om-ji has made for us- the excitment of seeing how he interprets our colour schemes!
Madly rushing as I have to get a parcel off to Oz for my trading stall in April.
This was my nice start to the day and email from my mate Dawn and pics of some of her latest books. I love her work and how finely she can put things together, Dawn will be here with me next year, yes I am already counting the days and as part of her visit we are organizing a residential Books 'n' Block workshop here at the Pukka Studio

 She is a master of rust....I must remeber to get her to dye me some more cloth for pants while I am in gives the most amazing effects....
Well today has to be easier [simply because it could not be worse!] and many good things will happen I am sure.
I have 20 finished bags on my lounge to have finishing touches put on them, first serviettes in to admire and waiting for tableclothes in a few days and shoes later to look forward to.....much to be thankful for.

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