Monday, March 28, 2011

Pukka Desirables

Praveen and I were so pleased with ourselves yesterday....our little photo shoot represents the culmination of so much work and patience with our Stitching Project.
Finally we are getting to the point of something tangible to show for our dream, we are really pleased with the women we are working with, especially the new village- the mutual relationship is very rewarding.

 Pukka Desirables- Capascious Bag. I must admit I am taken with the name- so Mary Poplins! and also true it is a good size for all types of adventures, zip closed, with a zippered pocket and mobile phone pocket inside.

 A Pukka Desirables Comforter- rather groovy for gracing a lounge...or camel cart!

 Pukka Desirables Table Linen. Tablecloth is 2 m x 1.4 m long [is that a good size? ] and packs of 4 serviettes as well.

 Baba stealing the show, after checking things out and realising he was not going drool over the tablecloth he headed for the tree to munch.
 We are so pleased with  the personality our ladies bring to the base designs....
Me trying to be director I am not!
still a very happy and satisfying day for us, may yours be as well.

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Sue Dennis said...

It all looks wonderful Fiona!