Friday, April 01, 2011

yoga Mary and garden fun...

Some long awaited cleaning out of my pictures folder and I came across this sequence of snaps I took of our mateYoga Mary...what a lovely peaceful day it was.
 Just remebering it is soothing....loved the light on the building and sillouete and Pushkar's Holy Lake a very special spot she has access to for her yoga classes.
Mary runs retreats here in Pushkar each year and in Oz and teaches in her home town. Would you believe she used to live just down the road from me in Oz and I never met was only when we were both here in Pushkar our  roads crossed. An amazing coincidence, crazy bird I would call her, an excellent yoga teacher and lots of chatty fun all the time...we look forward to her return here.
Larkspur in our garden, running your hand through them is an amazing experience of immmersing yourself in the colour blue...they are so soft you barely feel them yet blue seems to vibrate around you.

 Our first Hollyhock [ I think that is what it called, anyway] we call it Saladin's hollyhock as we collected the seed from his castle when we were in Syria 2 years ago [good thing about living in India is you can take things home for your garden- so different to Australia and NZ]....I like to dream perhaps the forfathers of this flower were once viewed by Saladin himself,  it is such a rugged landscape for such delicate flowers to be prospering; yet they do....

 and new line from our Ladies...coasters- aren't they cute....of course available in a rainbow of colours.....madly packing, hard to beleive in less than a week I will be with my boys and mates in excited and yet homesick for here already as well....strange feeling this is my home, here surroundered by our garden, camel and cow and yet my heart is with people so closely and yet so far away.....

Oh well that is life- full enjoy, as they say here.

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