Sunday, March 06, 2011

rather excited

No I verrrry excited actually!!
This is my mate Louise and here she is in her new vest made from our squares....doesn't she look lovely.
The collar works very nicely, I like the two points and my beloved little bobble buttons
 Love the detailing, she used mostly squares and some nuno felted peices in places for colour and texture.

A great surprise in the email this morning....
Praveen and I were already well pleased with ourselves, we met a whole bunch of ladies yesterday at a little village about 10 km out- driving along we went through a few kilometres of beautiful, beautiful orchards and gardens and then a big change: the water has failed in the last 20+ years and life has become very poor.
Looking at the village you can see they were once prospreous farmers but life has changed dramatically. Early days yet but the women we met seem very keen, there are number of treadle machines in town as well as busy fingers wanting to stitch.
Early days and we have to be careful to set clear ground rules so we don't have any kerfuffles like earlier in the Project...well we are learning as we go!
Exciting as we have a few new pro-types for table linen to trial and that will siut them very well, as well as work on the stitched squares....
kushi- you would say here- happy!!

Oh and Louise is our distributer in NZ- contact her  on this link

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