Thursday, March 03, 2011

Shoe Wallah

This small bag of goodies represents a large measure of satisfaction for Praveen and I- we have discovered this fantastic shoe maker and been step-by-step trialling how relaible he is with due date and how reliable is he with sizes and designs....Not everything is as we hoped but enough to be really happy with our progress.

All tumbled out- we supply No 8 anchor threads for the embroidery as they only use horrble synthetic stuff these days....but boy can he stitch!!

 I am only going to wear his shoes now for the rest of my life- your feet should always be so beautifully adorned
 Our little stash...Om-ji can make orders to size, he can make orders to foot maps[ you draw around your foot onto a piece of paper, he works out the size- no half sizes]....he can copy samples brilliantly; he can't follow colour diagrams, even with lengthy explanations from Praveen, coloured sketches from me and notes on his part....still his taste is great and the combinations he comes up with work really well. A pretty good average.
I think especially as we live in India and I think Murphy's Law was invented here.
 Look at the cutout detailing on the bottom of the plain pair- brilliant detailing
 Dawn these were for you, right size from the foot map but the lilac, aqua and green combo I asked for changed to the zingiest vermillion and olive....which I think you will love!! but who would have guessed the transition??
Mine, all mine!!!
Praveen and I have gone a bit crazy with our success and taken heaps of pics look at this link and more blahdy blah blah- garriolous with success!

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Jodie Williams said...

Love the shoes!
Travelling to India has been a lifelong dream for me, and im saving like crazy to get there... Every time i read your blog, or see your pictures, i am inspired even more... Thank you.