Thursday, April 28, 2011

home and the daily grind....

Yes the coffee pot is on and boy am I waiting for the hit!
Much acheived yesterday in  100+'F heat!...It is really hot, hot, hot but dry almost no moisture in the we can keep going just a bit slowly.
Yesterday I finally trached down out Sari- wallah and waded through a mountain of saris....
 Praveen found a TV to perch in front of while I wallowed
 The illusive Raju- Sari Wallah...don't know for sure but I might be over the glamour of silk saris....after all the soring and matching yesterday I simply felt exhausted.
We have been trying to get Matilda our lovely cow into calf for a while now. 2 attempts at AI and she is still calling for a bull this 3 yesterday we got Mukesh to tie her up to the camel cart and walk into to town looking to meet a suitable bull. Seems all was successsful so now to wait 3 weeks and see if she is in calf....Matilda was certainly happy to go out for a walk and relaxed when she returned.
 Baba took the moment of distraction looking at Matilda as a chance to chew the Neem Tree, he knows he is not allowed but always thinks he can be fast and not get caught!
 The courtyard and whole house is full of the perfume of one single Neem Tree- it is full of honey and very heady....quiet exotic here with all the heat...perhaps we will sleep outside under its branches tonight- romantic or what?
New round of stitching just starting, we have been reveiewing processes, we want to ensure even quality from the Stitchers and are starting to get tough; if work is not up to quality, then no more work. Many ladies are reliable but about 30 or 40 % seem to think it OK to not worry about quality so first half will be good and then mid-way and oh so obviously things go crazy. why? I don't know....but it means unpicking, possible damage to fabric and the expence of more thread to fix.
Now we are going to have a 2 strike policy...muck up and we are very sorry but good bye.
Seems so harsh but explanantions are not working....we can't sell crap so why should we pay for it?
ohh the joys of a small business in India....[really there is a lot of satisfaction amongst the hard work and Praveen and I are really enjoying getting it right togather]

My pile of saris all bundled together for me to start cutting.....I see them but don't have my usual guilty desire to go and roll around in therm? Perhaps the romance is finished and it is now a working relationship? No longer the guilty pleasure of secretly wallowing? we will see....


Ginny Huber said...

Thanks for shipping my purchase so quickly even in 100 degrees of heat! Maybe sari wallowing will return as a pleasure after the heat is gone..or anyway less...I enjoyed this blog post..very alive with tactile and tangible images and fragrances!

Chris Lines said...

Always enjoy reading your blog, Fiona. Baba looks like he has noughts and crosses on his neck/head. I hope Matilda is happy. My middle child is called Matilda - do you know it means 'strong in battle' - how could I have known?!