Friday, April 29, 2011

silks, satisfactions etc

I thought I was tired of silk saris...but really just tired and hot, sorting through this mountain and more to pair them up for jackets I have to admit I am hopelessly addicted!
Although looking at the pile a little daunted as that represents days and days of cutting to get ready for jacket making....ohh well will keep me busy.
Started a bit late today becuase of the heat- it is hard to sleep....but really got the day happening, I have finished all the tweaking on our Ghana tour and got it on the website yippeee!!! Take a look and let me know if you spot any obvious typos- I always throw in a few clunkers.
I hate having a 'to do' list and not being able to find the time and right brain space to finish things.
Since being home we have had the usual blackouts and then for something a little fancy my internet server started doing disco internet with the signal flickering constantly and so really no access.
seems to be good again.....I hope.
Electricity is here often but so low it won't run our water pump most of the time, this is starting to be a little worrying as it is hard to get enough to supply the house. We were letting many local come here for water as well.. ..but have had to say sorry, we can't keep up with it , you will have to walk further to the village well for water now.
This weighs really heavily on Praveen's shoulders as he likes to help people, but I think we have to be practical and look after our farm first, the heat is blazing and we need to water animals and grow food.
oh I can feel myself praying already for a good Monsoon this year.....when the heat starts to cook you realise how hard it is for the locals if rain does not come.
Back to cutting saris....many hopeful ladies asking to get stitching and i have some brillant colour combinations, can wait to see them finished.

Oh and bags and bags of silk sari offcuts- i have to get around to listing on etsy......always an "oh and I need to do that"...isn't there?
Happy days to have the opportunity


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joni cornell said...

I love your sari silks. It's about time I purchased some more from your shop. I'd be interested in a complete sari in purple Fiona if you come across one.