Monday, May 23, 2011

feeling virtuous

Off to Delhi we have been, shopping for our new Machine stitching workshop....we make clothes for a few small compnies from Australia and America and are happy to take on new clients.
We have beem after wadding for a special request for a while and finally the trail took us to a new area and success....this area never sees tourists and rarely even foreigners looking for maunufacturing supplies...this guy was really funny...he could not get over Praveen's white wife and that we were taking pictures....he wanted to be in them and then would not stand still or look at the camera.
Facebook has a whole series of images
 Fantastic sugar cane was so hot I was begging for a drink every time I saw any type of juice wallah...we had mango jiuce, fresh lime water, mixed jiuce, sugar cane jiuce and more....I think the water was disappearing out of us faster than we could gulp it down.
It felt like such an exciting day....exploring with Praveen, sorting out our business to run more as we would like it....very pleasing all in all and we discovered a whole heap of new places.
 There were many shops with these wonderful embroidered necklines....I want a client who wants them used on their garments some were fantastic!
 Mango season has hit....a few months of bliss, luscious bliss.
 ohh and more jiuce....
 On the right hand side is a slum...poor people working hard to get on in life, in front is the village built for the Commonwealth games....when I put two and two togther I was angry again for the rude way the Australian media spoke of India's efforts for the games...this is a very poor place.
 full of hidden delights....look caefully behind the power lines, a wondeful old building literally falling to piecs.
 Street food for lunch Chole Batura- chick pea curry, spiced and perked with cinnamon, slices of fresh red onion and Indian bread 10 ruppes, so tasty and nutritious and yummy.
 Back home in our garden a Teetar or partridge has been sitting on eggs,I have not taken her photo as I did not want ot scare her, whilst we were away success all the babies have hatched and I wonder where they are now.
and why so virtuous? well we did Delhi and felt proud of our finds, nearly all of the Morocco tour is done...just waiting on 2 prices....Emirates now fly out of Casablana which means it is much cheaper on the travel side- got to be good for us! Paper work is TTTTHhhhat close for our business re-structuring and registering with the Indian government which will be the green light to take off on Stitching things.....all in all a few items have been struck off the to do list!!
big yeh :)

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