Thursday, May 19, 2011


Veging out in front of the TV last night I could check out the cooking shows [Praveen is in Delhi doing some temple thing with his Mum and kids] he gets bored with too many cooking shows or hungry and wants me to cook it right now!

Anyway.....some cooking show came on with Ben from Surfing the Menu....showing his travels and food around Moroccco.

 I have been dreaming our next Morroc tour for some time now, I know exactly where I want to go.....the stories I want to follow, but have been doing a little too much of the hard days work seen above and not enough action.
The boring and scary bit of tours needs to be done- costings.
Last night has spurred me on, I know there are keen people out there waiting, so I should really put some enrgy in to it, then I will actually be laying about testing carpets next May!
 Mohamed, the guy we work with is a real foodie, and is great for knowing all the best places to eat.
In the tour we  catch the ferry across from south Spain- Tarifa and it felt like coming home last time as we dis-embarked and this huge bear of a man was waiting looking out for us and enfolded the whole grop in the warmth of his smile as we arrived into fabled Morocco.
 carpets could get very addictive .....
the apothocary is interesting but I don't think I would be brave enough to try any of his treatments....still if you are after dried insects, ostrich egggs or various things I am not sure I want named- he is the guy to vsist.
Time to stop daydreaming and get onto the work side of tours.
Oh the smells of the spice market the TV show brought ack, the wonderful tragines, olives.....Ok just a little more daydreaming.....

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