Friday, May 06, 2011

have not been to a wedding in months!

It seems like it is always wedding season....really it has been months since we had many to dash off to, but the dark of the moon passed a few nights ago and it all starts again.
This was a large and lovely affair, the food was fantastic- by the time we got there - after buildinfg programmes at home and many etcs it was rather late and we were starving, and we had almost inadvertently gate crashed the wrong wedding on the way!
Our excuse was hunger and there were so  many weddings happening in the same road, but after a few minutes where no one recognised us we got suspicious and decided to check, then realised we should have been in Dharamshala next door!
 lots of kids enjoying the dance floor, all the little girls in their gorgeous finery....I kept saying I want one [a little girl to dress up] - you can imagine that had Praveen smiling very nervously.

 I took this photo beacuse he looks rather fine but also to show all the ladies in their lovely sparkles- the crowds always look good at weddings.
 This is Monish -as brother of the bride he has many responsibilities on this day, and looks a bit stressed, I am sure he will be relived when all is finished.
 We came across our friend Vinu serving some fantastic cashew sweets. Vinu runs the best pizza place in Pushkar and next season we will be supplying him with salad and homemade cakes.
The groom arriving- to me he looked terrified. Praveen just said that is the Indian way- you don't wear your emotions on your sleeve, you hold them inside. Perhaps... but he did not seem to be doing inscutable very well looked like terror to me!

a very fun night....but neither of us slept well from over indulging in the wonderful and rich a bit sleepy today!

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