Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shed building continues

Shed building continues, as does cutting and assembling for The Stitching Ladies, finishing off new samples, packing and posting orders and etc, etc...trying to keep my garden a float in this heat is becoming increasingly difficult....some of that is me not knowing what to expect with the conditions....already have plans for how to plant and arrange things for next year and until then just trying to save what I  can.
Slowly we are making progress on opening our own workshop- everything is in place we are just waiting for some registration letter from the governemnent so our tax stuff is in order then we can send out cheques and get stuff delivered....exciting- ohh to have more control over what we are doing!!
I laugh to myself a little when I say that- so hopeful- I live in India, this is kind of a magical place where things just seem to happen- you can try and control but the reality is so clear you also have to go with the flow......and keep wandering along where it leads you.....even if you hopefully do try and steer a little.
 Making the walls of the shed, it will be feed storage for our animals, you buy a years worth of chaff when you can.....Matilda, the cow still has a whole pile to go but Baba the Camel is fussy and we only get a few weeks worth at one time for him....

 The Fred Flinstone school of building- 10 foot tall stone posts form the roof uprights....
 One of the builders- this picture is a little staged because when Praveen asked if he could take his photo he had to stop work and re-tie his turban....
Chief shed builder, out house in the background

all the neighbourhood arrived to help put the roof on the barn....I have uploaded a video on Facebook, if you want to look- I think it is very funny....everyone is a little boss telling the others what to do yet everyone really just does their own thing but it is generally going in the same direction. Not usre how to give you a link- you'll have to poke around and see if you can see it- what can I say I am basically a Luddite when it comes to technology.

 For a while now we have know we are reaching a water crisis....many, many people from the neighbourhood have been coming to our tank for water rather than walking the extra distance to the pump...it is hot and neither of us had the heart to tell them no....but we have run out of water....not the well gone dry, simply not enough regular electricity supply to pump the water up....we have had to buy 2 tankers of water to look after our trees. So have started saying to people, please go to the pump, we are sorry no water....hopefully we can catch up enough to look after our trees and animals wthout having to buy it in.
End of the day, you give the workers a whiskey [not an Aussie beer]....if they are sweet with you their is a better chance they will turn up tomorrow early and get on with the job.
 Shed complete and now working on shade house for camel and cow parking....
almost there just a few finishing touches - like getting the shade house roof square!

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