Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shoe success

I have new shoes!
I plan to wear Om-ji's jooti the rest of my life....they are so comfortable and it feels wonderul to have twinkle toes not just plain old shoes on your feet.
 Now you might know we have been having some fun working out what we can ask of him....everything he has made has been wonderful but when we give him a range of threads to do different colour schemes - all separate bags etc....he usually re-arranges and makes what he thinks is good .
It is but can we offer a lucky dip to people further a field?

 We have trailled he can make the perfect size from a foot map.....and last time we gave him a rough drawing I had made to see what he came up with.
Look! pretty amazing replica.
So tentativley I say if you want a pair of Om-ji's amazing slippers we can organize them for you.

Watching him work is of these days I will try and do a video.....lovely chap.
Praveen is waiting on a very fancy man's  pair, big curled up front, brass studding at the back and hot pink binding- sounds wild and yes they are, very flashy Indian and should be perfect for weddings least here in India not sure how they will go down at our biggest son's wedding in Australia next year??

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Chris Lines said...

Yes, Fiona, I would definitely like him to make me a pair of Om-ji slippers. I have terrible trouble buying shoes because my feet are so wide. I have to wear either long boots or birkenstock sandals. How do I send you a foot map?I can draw around my foot and scan it an send it electronically. Awaiting instructions!