Tuesday, May 31, 2011

slowly, slowly or quickly, quickly?

Slowly, slowly or quickly, quickly?
Not sure wat it is.....we are working fast, things seem to be taking forever, yet all is happening....Oh only in India do you live in this weird time vortext.
We have been in the process of changing our business structure to a Limited Liability Patnership....many reasons all good. We thought it would only take 10 days well that was past some months ago......any way finally we are almost there.
New business name will be Kayef Stitching Works PPL [ I think- I was too excited to remember what name 'they- the powers that be' finally settled on as acceptable.
For this type of thing in Australia the appropriate government website has a search engine to work out your name yourself....here in India there is man behind a desk- you submit 4 names, he eventually has time to look at them and says "Nuu, not those." and so you submit 4 mores names, wait etc, etc it can take a while.
Anyway something has been accepted, we have signed more papers and they have been sent off for a final stamp or two.
Meanwhile we have taken possession of our new workshop premises- da dahh, drum roll please.

 Neat, clean, freshly painted, no sand all over the place, our brand new sewing machines, our dedicated workers, no more stories of why things aren't done, why when you asked for 10 small you got 15 large and 3 weeks late.....many headaches we have been through.....time for a change.
 Probably boring for you, but boy do we like them, we have all the equipment to make quality clothes for people.
We will now operate as The Stitching Project -Workshop; garment manufacturers- we take orders and make things for other people. Many people come to Pushkar each year for just this, so hopefully they will start coming to us and we can stitch up their designs
and we already have a number of clients we do all the sourcing, manufacturing and dispatch of items to accross the world....they don't have to leave home. We are looking for more of these clients as well.
The Stitching Project- Pukka Desirables ; which is our women's work. The two overlap a little but mostly Pukka Desirables are completely made by the women. Our workshop will do heavy work like putting our bags together but easier to construct things like some of our jackets will still be done by some of our ladies.

So today is installing electrics, organizing the workshop, tomorrow a Priest will come by for blessings and then we will be off.....first job is a new man's Tshirt deign for Leafy Sea Dragons....

ohh and
we have ordered the beds to be made for our Homestay room, they will be made by the same steel guy who did all our windows and our bed so will be lovely curled iron work....slowly, slowly our summer building project is happening.....only 1 or 2 rooms not the 5 or so we had hoped, but only so much you can do at one time.
Praveen is not a multi-tasker- he likes one thing to concentrate on at a time and we are already doing the workshop, so I very happy to encourage him to cut back on the homestay ideas for the moment. It is a year ago he had his heart attack, he is fine now but I am nervous a little, always pumping water into him, so he does not de-hydrate, fussing around a bit keeping an eye on him.
all going fine, here hope that is so in your part of the world :)

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Chris Lines said...

Great! You are really getting organised and up and running and I hope you get lots of business.