Monday, June 06, 2011

a bit of this, a bit of that

Tailors arrive in workshop today so our whole lives will be changing hotel, no workshop means we have been hanging out at home a lot, fixing things up, organizing Stitching Ladies, hanging out we have to be supervising at workshop etc....not the same freedom....oh life is about change.
Our Baba is getting fat, no ribs showing, we have had to make the camel cart poles wider as they were rubbing him, so we sent Saun off to galavant around the neighbourhood, they both seemed to enjoy the exercise.

 These are our new chooks...well not so new - can you guess when we got them, their names are William and Kate, although when Praveen says that it is more like Billiam and Cat- much cuter!
 Billiam has discovered Baba's working saddle and finds it the best place to crow in the evening....he is a really nice natured rooster Indian Game variety.
I am waiting for my mate Mahammed to give me the final quote for our Morrocan tour [Morocco time is very similar to Indian time.....bit slow, I am being impatiantly Australian and hoping he will hurry up!] and I realised Jess has this lovely blog Jess is a contact of ours in Fez and organizes calligraphy lessons and fantastic lunches for our group.....hope she has some of her jewellry on display when I am there....hmmmm
 The dye pot has been bubbling all day yesterday, Praveen took over and has become quite the expert, sorting it all out...still needs a little help from me with colour mixing but starting to develop a feel for that.....great being in partnership
 I love making chilli are fantastic....hainf washed them I left them in the sun to dry for half and hour and was sitting inside with a slight breeze blowing over them and into the house- they were making my eyes water!
The pickle is really simple, raqosted fennel seeds, amchoor [dried green mango powder- gives a lovely and addictive fruity tang to things], mustard seeds, salt and mustard oil.....3 weeks of sitting in the sun and being shaken each day then yummy.
Last batch of pickles Green Mango and Gunda nearly ready....
all systems go as you can see and life is satisfying :) Enjoy

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