Friday, June 03, 2011

Garment Manufacturing Workshop

Our Garment Manufacturing Workshop is finally open, yesterday we made puja or blessings and now all can start, first we had to load the camel to make deliveries, then red and gold string was tied to everything in the workshop and swastikas -scared to Ganesha , remover of obsticles were made everywhere and rose petals sprinkled...I like the rose petals- anything is more special if you spread them around.

Blogger is acting very weird this morning and not wanting to load properly ....I am abandoning it for today...perhaps you will get to see some photoes if they load ar else look on facebook
It is not sulking is it? I loaded images somewhere else....Baba the camel sulks if Matilda the cow gets first attention

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CarmWhite said...

Somehow, the swastikas painted in red with dots and sort of curved legs don't look as menacing as my normal mental "swastika!" image. It's good to read about their importance to Ganesha. Plus, removing obstacles is always a good thing!