Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baba Ramdevra pilgramige

It is time for pilgramige to the Shrine of Baba Ramdev out near Jaisalmir, people especially poor people walk from all over the place to visit at this time of year.
These photos are taken on the usually empty country road we take to visit our Stitching Ladies, in 14 km we must have passed 100's of people.
Everyone is walking along vigorously and, from here it is another 400 km and they might already have walked that far to get here now.
You will notice many have only the clothes on their back...they don't need to worry all roads have food stalls set out and water pots and a carpet and tent for resting.
People decide as an act of charity to set this up and look after pilgrams for free.
this is just one road, anywhere you go at the moment there are streams of poeple walking.

 This is an old farmhouse we pass , doesn't it look amazing cloaked in green?
In the last 2 weeks the rains have finallt been doing their thing and our world is transformed from brown and dust to mud puddles and green....
Last night we had a fit of the giggles; Praveen and I were very excited because the weather is looking dry and fnally we would get a chance to visit Nandu and play blockprint. Out of no where big fat drops started to fall, and soon the water bowls in the house were singing....
it is now next morning and I think the rain if finished for the moment, just have to wait and see when we head to Nandu's

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Dijanne Cevaal said...

But look at your water catchers- they are so cool!!