Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blockprint sample run

Oh Joy, oh bliss we finally got into the blockprint studio...the rain was hanging aorund teasing us but not enough to slow us down this time. Thank goodness I was fit to burst with impatience!
 Just a few pictures- there is a whole album on Facebook if you want to share our day...this is an open to the public link you do not need to be a member.

 Back in the workshop checking over some jackets we are putting togther for one of our clients I was struck but what a lovely weight and feel there is to the heavy handloom [ which block prints beautifully] with a rayon velvet lining....definietly jacket potential for Tasty Old Chooks Clothes in that observation.....wish our winters were a little colder to snuggle up in one.
I am so enjoying our workshop, no sooner than we have an idea, test it out as a sample, than we have a whole group of guys turning it the moment we are making miles of braided fabric to go on sundresses- very pretty sundresses for a client and I feel like I am back in school doing the afternoon craft...the guys are everywhere turning strips out side in and then plaiting. Here is Gopal- ji resplendent in wiskers- he is not shaving for the month of Savan in honour of Shiva and Shankar laughing at him.

Happy happy satisfying day :)

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