Tuesday, August 09, 2011

rain, real rain falling gently

Trying to keep my mind off paperwork and policemen who will not do what the Home Affirs Office has requested- apparently not one email/ internet access is working at Ajmer District Police Station [second biggest in Rajasthan]....one can only wonder about what he wants??On the  good side of the last visit to Delhi was another book from a fabulous series being published by Panguin India covering regional cooking in India.
Everyone has been a winner so far, this one the food of Maharatra [for those not in the know- Mombai and a vast region surrounding it, home centuries ago to ferocious warrier kingdoms....and a fabulous fresh and tasty cuisine.
This one is Spinach in Yoghurt sauce and so divine we will be eating it a lot! Let me know if you want the recipe- happy to post it up here.

and here is a simple salad, dressed with yoghurt- such a good idea, healthy and works wonderfully.
Mahaarti Pumpkin Salad
  • cube some pumpkin and steam it [even better take a butternut and roast it until it has those nice caramelised edges]
  • let it cool
  • in a separte pan with a little oil sizzle up mustard seeds until popping then kurry leaves, garlic chopped fine, 2 or 3 sliced green chillis
  • let it cool
  • throw pumpkin in a bowl, tip spices over the top, add good handful of chopped fresh corriander [ mint would be excellent as well]
  • spoon over enough yoghurt to make it all yummy and creamy
  • eat at room temperature
  • Wonderful!!
 Life is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle some days, so many choices.
Silk jackets are starting to prove popular and we are putting more and more together- needed to spread out to the terrace to mix and match....
This all means another round of teaching new Ladies needs to start soon.
Great to be spreading work and income around but a big job to get them upp to standard and keeping focused on the necessity of standards....usually a few laughs thrown in amongst the hair pulling- it will be fine.

In amongst running around I actually got a chance to start playing with paint and ssshhhh today it is actually raining so I can't get back to my studio table under the tree. We were talking about an open air studio with roof and hopefully no big ants falling and I thnk perhaps we need to get onto making it a reality. Ants falling??? you are asking, huge black ants live in the tree I work under, they don't bite and are quite happy to use whatever is around as their highway even if that happens to be you! Just feels weird having them crawl all over you.
Back to the grafitti cloth, this will have a layer of block print over it next....hoodies for this range will then have a drawing embroidered on the back...they are going to be soooo groovy.
Tasty Old Chooks Clothes are going to explore grafitti as a theme as well but in a different guise to these....I can see it just waiting for the rain to stop to keep the sampling happening.....blisss :)

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